We are a Polynesian owned company in Colorado that supply premium Kava root powder. Our Kava comes from the Island & Kingdom of Tonga. Our kava is then harvested, dried, grounded & shipped here to the U.S.

What do we provide?

We provide our Original Premium Kavaloloko Kava Root Powder. Our Original Kava Root Powder comes in a 3oz bag, 6oz bag, a 1lb bag & a 2lb bag.

We also a provide a Kava Root-Coconut mixture that we call our Kavaloloko Gold-Mix. Our Gold-Mix comes in a 3oz bag, 6oz bag & a 1lb bag. Our Kavaloloko Gold-Mix will now only be available during the summer.

*We call our Kava-Coconut mixture “Gold-Mix” because it happens to be our best seller! Still giving off the great effects of Kava, our Gold-Mix eases the bitter taste of Kava with a slight coconut after taste & to some people is a lot stronger than our Original Kava Root Powder.

We also provide our Kavaloloko Kava Tonga OG is our STRONGEST Kava yet! From the Tofua Village in Tonga. Grown & Harvested on volcanic soil. Our Kava Tonga OG comes in a 3oz bag, 6oz bag, a 1lb bag & a 2lb bag.

Also Available!

*Ready-To-Drink Kava now available in different flavors! Comes in 16floz bottles. (Pineapple, Mango, Apple, Guava & Kolada)

*Ready-To-Drink Kava by the gallon now available in Kavaloloko Original, Kavaloloko Gold-Mix & Kavaloloko Kava Tonga OG. (RTD Kava by the gallon only available for local shipping and pick-up in the Denver/Aurora Area)

Kava Brewing Products!

*The Alu-Ball Pro & Bottle Kava Maker by Kavafied.

*Kavaloloko Pro Kava Strainer.

*Kavaloloko Kava Prep Kit


Kavaloloko Kava Root Powder is NOT instant Kava! Must be strained well before consuming.


Don’t know what Kava is?

-Kava is an herbal remedy that's made from the roots of Piper methysticum -- a type of plant found in the islands of the Pacific. People who live on Pacific islands like Fiji and Tonga have used it for hundreds of years in social gatherings and traditional medicine. They dry out the roots & crush them into a powder. Then they add water & strain thoroughly with a strainer and drink the mixture.

-Kava has been used to treat a number of conditions such as: 

 -Trouble Sleeping  



-Kava is often used to make people feel calm, relaxed & happy.

*If you've only tried kava once and didn't "get anything from it" may have been unaware that kava is a product that works via "reverse tolerance" - meaning; the effects get better the more you use it. -Great Explanation from an Amazon review from other Kava Products on Amazon! "Not Kavaloloko"

**Our Kava is Lab-Tested before distribution! We want our customers to know that our Kava is lab tested and clean, ready for purchase and consumption. Aiming for customer satisfaction!

Order your Kavaloloko Kava fix Today and drink your way into relaxation.


Kava Wholesale

-Interested in buying our Premium Kava wholesale? Let us help! Must buy 3 or more kilos to get Kava at wholesale price. Contact us at or give us a text at 303-944-5860 for more information.

Shipping, Delivery & Pick-Up

-Our shipping rates depend on item and weight. Check out our shipping rates at check-out.

*Orders made before 4p.m. Mountain Time are shipped out same day, Monday - Friday. Any orders made after 4p.m. Mountain Time are shipped  the next day. Orders made on Saturday must be made before 1p.m. Mountain Time to have it shipped same day. Any orders made after 1p.m. Saturday won't be shipped until Monday morning. 

-We deliver our products at a flat rate of $5.00 per order. Delivery is free with orders $50.00 or more. Minimum amount for delivery is $20.00.

-Our Pick-Up option has no fee's. You are able to set a pick-up time & date at check-out.

We Accept Other Payment Options

-We also accepted payments through Zelle, Venmo, Pay-Pal, Cash-App & also accept cash in hand.

-Contact us if you’d like to set up your order over the phone, email or text!

-Cash in hand will round your order up to the next dollar amount. (For Example: If your order amount is $27.99 or $27.02 your cash in hand amount will be $28.00 for either amount.)

Kavaloloko Kava Company

*We are proud suppliers of 4 Kava Bars in Colorado. You can also find our products in 12 Vape & Kratom shops across Colorado. We are currently the #1 Kava supply company in Colorado.. Our company thrives on customer satisfaction & is known today to have The Best Kava In Colorado. The time & effort spent on our products is only to get our customers to enjoy our products as much as we doWe believe that Kava is all about bringing people together. Our name & brand speak for itself, KAVA-LOLOKO, Learn One Love On Kava Only. Malo & Thank You. 

Make It Essential

We are proud partners of Make It Essential! A company located in Northwest Indiana. You are able to purchase our Kava products from them if you are in the area.

      *Contact information for Make It Essential:



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Kavaloloko Kava Company

Aurora Co 80013

Monday - Sunday

10am - 9pm


10am - 6pm

Pick Up

10am - 9pm

Our mission is to integrate the relaxing world of Kava in everyone’s daily lifestyle. Kava is a great replacement for Alcohol and a great way to relax the mind & body healthier & natural.

Best kava in Denver!! Great customer service 

Tupou Sekona
Los Angeles California

Absolutely the best kava in Denver Co!!!

Lester Loeak
Aurora Colorado

Great customer service. Thank you for providing to my kava needs!

John Bread
Salt Lake City Utah

5 stars!

Keller Heurich
Boulder Colorado